Promotional Products For Spring Cleaning

  • Mar 6, 2021

Did you know that the concept of “spring cleaning” has cultural significance? Many cultures and religions have cleansing rituals that fall in the late winter/early spring, and the practice of spring cleaning that’s prevalent in North America and northern Europe is ritualistic in its own way. There’s no better way to usher winter out the door than with a freshly cleaned home, ready to let in the warmth of spring.

After a year of spending much more time at home than usual, a good cleaning is going to be essential this season! Here are a few of our favorite promo products for a productive spring cleaning session:

Scrub Brush

          Your Promo Partners Item# KZZSD-IUERT

If you’ve been working from home this past year, you know that the dishes never truly end. Your clients will love having these hardy little scrub brushes, perfect for swiping away leftover food or dried crud on dishes. Your prospects will love how much easier their least favorite chore is going to be with this brush, and they’ll have your clients to thank for it!

Spray Bottle

Your Promo Partners Item# SYAXI-NWGFC

These branded spray bottles make an ideal spring cleaning promotion for customers who are health- and environmentally-conscious. Their recipients can fill these bottles with the homemade, eco-friendly cleaner of their choice and get to work! Add a card printed with a cleaning spray recipe (we’re partial to a diluted white vinegar mixture) for added value with little additional cost.

Mini Trash Can

Your Promo Partners Item# ZRYSC-MBZHW

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop with the home – car interiors need attention too! Perfect for body shops, auto dealerships, and car washes looking for a spring cleaning promotion, this little trash can fits snugly into any standard cup holder so that your car doesn’t get filled with old receipts and straw wrappers. With your  logo printed on the lid, your customers will know just who’s trying to help them keep their vehicle clean this spring.

Computer Cleaner

Your Promo Partners Item# NTWVI-GHQRW

Likewise, desks need some spring cleaning too. Whether they’ve been working in the office or from home, your customers and employees have probably got some gunk in their keyboards! These computer cleaners feature a keyboard brush on one side and a screen cleaner on the other, covering all the bases when it comes to dirty laptops. Use the brush to clear any snack crumbs or pet hair out of the keyboard, and then wipe the screen with the cleaner side to get rid of fingerprints and smudges.

Air Purifier

Take spring cleaning to the next level with this luxury giveaway. You can brand this cube-shaped air purifier with your logo or design and give them away to your VIPs for a promotion that clears the air – literally! Air purifiers help to remove pollen, mold, bacteria, and more from the air, creating a peaceful environment that’s easy to breathe in.
Your Promo Partners Item # FQDSF-OCZGX


Your Promo Partners Item # FQDSF-OCZGX

Everyone knows that the best part of spring cleaning is completing the job. Finish strong with a scented candle to refresh and brighten up any room. Branded scented candles make a great spring cleaning giveaway for housekeeping businesses and realtors – you can leave these behind after a job or at a showing for a promotional reminder that looks and smells great.

Spring cleaning is a great time to open the windows, shake out the rugs, and get back into the swing of things, including promoting your business or organization! Bring your best to the table this spring with cleaning products that are useful and pack a promotional punch. Happy cleaning!

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