USA Made Products

  • May 24, 2021

There are plenty of reasons to purchase items made in the United States: shorter shipping times, supporting local economies, and ensuring fair labor standards to name just a few. No matter your motivation, it’s easy to find all types of products made domestically. Here are 7 of our favorite American made products!



Tech items are very “in” right now and it’s not hard to see why. Almost everyone has a device that they keep handy. A stretchy phone grip will help clients get a hold of their branding with a product that they won’t want to put down!

Custom Socks

Why does everyone wear loud socks nowadays? To keep their feet from falling asleep! Custom socks are a hot promo to keep everyone’s feet warm. Your clients will love having their custom logo printed all over these socks and you’ll be helping them stay steps ahead of the competition.

Glass Can

Glass Can


This 16 oz. can-shaped glass is just the quirky kind of promotion that catches eyes wherever it goes. With a shape reminiscent of your favorite soda can, all that’s missing from this item is the tab! Perfect for breweries, bars, and restaurants, your clients will love pairing local brews with this domestically-produced drinking glass.

Sports Bottle



Water you looking at? This 26 oz. water bottle doubles as a shaker bottle, making it perfect for both water and protein drinks. With a carrying handle, this bottle can go anywhere – from the gym to the office and beyond!

Auto Safety Tool

Safety Tool


You never want to have to use it, but this auto safety tool is definitely an item that everyone will be glad to have if they ever need it. Designed to easily shatter glass and cut through seatbelts, this keychain-sized safety tool is perfectly portable so that it’s always on hand.

Party Cup Sleeve

Cup Sleeve


What’s more American than drinks in party cups? Drinks in party cups with custom logoed insulating sleeves! These scuba foam cup sleeves feature premium-quality insulation and are collapsible for easy storage. Clients will love that their logo is keeping everything cool!

Scented Candle

Scented Candle


Available in a variety of scents, these glass tumbler candles will make any room smell amazing. Clients can customize these burning hot items with their logo and pick a perfect scent to evoke their brand. They even smell good enough to eat – but we hope you resist the temptation!

No matter what kind of item you or your clients are looking for, chances are you can find it made here in the USA. These are only 7 of our favorites out of thousands of items on our website.

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