What Are Company Stores & What Should You Sell?

  • Jul 23, 2021

Company stores are a great way to keep your branding consistent while outfitting your team, selling merch, and more.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a company store is a custom e-commerce web store that we build for you and stock only with your branded merchandise, streamlining your ordering process.


Company Store

A company store will make it easier to order items to outfit your team or club members or sell some fun swag. But, what sort of products should you add to your store?

The Classics

Do you have something you ALWAYS order  – no matter what? It’s your go-to product? Whether it’s a branded t-shirt, polo shirt, a hat, or the classic drink holder? The best place to start is with the things you consistently order then build from there. A company store is all about ease, so having those go-to items right there is your best bet.

Add Variety

What’s great about a company store is that you can show options! For example, you can show that the shirt you always buy the team comes in different colors and fabrics. You can also showcase items at various price points. For example, say you choose a golf-fit Nike polo shirt; you can also choose something similar and maybe a little bit more budget-friendly for those who are slightly more conscious about their spending. You can give your team a choice of brands, colors and fabrics to fit their budget and life style. 


You have your basics down, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts… why not add in some accessories? Maybe your client is a pet-friendly office – consider how cute it would be to have their dogs running around with a branded bandanas around their necks. Things like hats, name badges, and Popsockets are a great way to offer your crew different ways to share their pride in their company or brand.

Have surprises!

One of the best parts about YourPromoPartners.com is browsing the thousands of products in our database! You can find anything and everything that you didn’t know you could bulk order or that existed, like live cacti or hot sauce. Anything you can think of. It might be fun to search and see what kind of fun, unique items you can add to your company store.


While having unique items and something they might not have thought about is fun, try to keep it relevant. For example, while a stress reliever in the shape of an onion is really funny and kind of cool (who knew they made squeezies in the shape of onions, after all?), it probably isn’t relevant to a hospital or a school (unless it’s a culinary school). However, you could add in a squeezie in the shape of a pencil branded with your school name or a heart shape branded with the hospital’s name.

See? Selecting products for a company store can be really fun; it can open you up to a whole bunch of promotional products that you didn’t know existed or would have never thought about before! It can also streamline everything, so the ordering process  is seamless, saving you time and a lot of guesswork.

Contact us today to find out how a company store can work for you. We can help you pick products, we setup and update the store for you, payments can be made at the time of ordering so there is no more collecting money from club members and the company store can save you time, money and stress. 

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